The bohemian Style

What-to-wear-in-Bohemian-StyleThe Bohemian style has been popular for a long time; the word Bohemian always reminds us the beautiful gypsy girl Esmeralda in Notre Dame de Paris, also the rebellious Carmen.

The word hobo-chic has the same meaning with Bohemian. A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless and penniless vagabond. they were workers who wandered. The term originated in the western, specifically northwestern, United States during the last decade of the 19th century. That seems pretty like the wandering Bohemians that were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohmien, for “gypsy”). Bohemians are good at singing and dancing, they are independent, always pursuing freedom. They never goes back on their words. Their songs are sad, because they wander around without homes.

In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The famous American writer Virginia Woolf of the early 20th century is the best-known example. So in nowadays, the term is usually used to describe painters, actors and actresses, singers and writers, in one word, the artists.

There are many Hollywood celebrities who favor the bohemian style, or boho-chic, most commonly young actresses, singers and models, such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, and Joss Stone.

And for all the young girls who wants to live in a Bohemian way. There is one thing they can’t miss. The hobo-bag, almost a symbol of boho-chic style, is a style of handbag or purse that is typically characterized by a crescent shape and a long strap. They are designed to wear over the shoulder and made out of soft, flexible materials, usually leather. In china, it is called the dumpling bag because the big crescent-shaped bag looks like a dumpling. You can find hobo-bags in every shop for fashion bags.

Now since Bohemian style has become an important element of fashion, here comes the funny thing. According to the Sunday Times when it talks about the fashion style of “boho-chic” in the 21st century, “The Bohemian girls or gypsy girls “are sexy and delightful precisely because they do not give a hoot for fashion”, but now “fashionable girls wore ruffly floral skirts in the hope of looking bohemian, spirited and non-bourgeois”.

This is a little ironic and hypercritical. Aren’t these girls deceiving themselves by pretending to be Bohemians while all they do are following the trend without any idea about the real Bohemian spirit? But anyway, fashion is fashion. As long as it looks great, who cares what the real meaning is.

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What is the Purpose of Synthetic Urine? Synthetic urine, as the term implies, is a synthesized substance that is made in order to simulate the composition, chemical properties, and the appearance of actual human urine. The original intent of production is for calibration of urine screening equipment widely used in different laboratories. Nonetheless, the most popular use of it is for passing a standard urine drug test. Just like normal human urine, synthetic urine is composed of both organic and inorganic components, including uric acid, urea, creatinine, phosphates, ammonia, sulfates, and others. Also it has the same exact specific gravity and pH. What Is It Used For? The real purpose of producing synthetic urine was to make something that resembles human pee, because the latter wasn’t suitable for calibration of drug testing equipment. There is no chance of using human urine because every individual has very distinctive genetic predispositions, rendering urine as completely different from one another, just like fingerprints.
8 Lessons Learned: Resources
Today, drug tests are being required in various fields, including sports, workplaces, schools and all sorts of business and public institutions. The purpose of a drug test is to detect usage of illegal drugs such as steroids, cocaine, and marijuana. With a drug test, the urine will exhibit presence of metabolites.
Why People Think Resources Are A Good Idea
For years, manufacturers have been able to produce the perfect artificial urine. The result is so astonishing that the synthetic version is now something that’s almost impossible to distinguish from the normal and natural human urine. For the purpose of concealing drug use, a lot of people these days are buying synthetic urine and use it as their own testing sample. Since the creatinine, uric acid, and mineral levels found in synthetic urine are the same to that of real human urine, it really is almost impossible to discover that someone is actually using the fake one. Aside from those compositions we mentioned, synthetic urine also has different coloring agents, vitamin b12, hormones, and other stuff to help make it as genuine as possible. When it comes to using it for equipment calibration, laboratories are using compositions highlighted by different concentrations of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and others. The purpose of this production is for them to know that their equipment is actually working in terms of detecting the presence of drugs in required levels. There really is no risk involved or fear for those who are using high quality synthetic urine coming from online and local stores. Using high quality synthetic urine products means you have almost a hundred percent certainty of tricking any urine analysis and tests, the purpose of which is to protect an individual’s privacy. The good news is that synthetic urine will continue to work for drug tests since majority of laboratories in the world don’t have the capability of performing genetic analysis on specimens.

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How to Get the Best Online CBD Sources One of the main molecules or compounds found in marijuana or hemp plants is cannabid or CBD oil. These plants’ CBD is usually legal in most of the states in the US since it does not make people high. When it is used in moderation, CBD is usually safe and has a good record. Instead of using pills for different health conditions or alcohol, this is usually a good option when you use it in good portions. With such benefits, many people are trying to find the best online CBD sources. Apart from the marijuana products that make people high, dispensaries and growers are now selling CBD products and marijuana for medical use. In comparison to prescription pills that doctors give, CBD oil in small doses is used to cure different medical problems in some people. The medicinal value and properties of marijuana usually come from CBD oil. There are many therapeutic benefits of using this oil. It usually assists in THC usage, which will make it a good experience. It is from different parts of United States that you can purchase CBD extracts online. However, you should note that the products have become expensive due to increase in demand when you are trying to get the best online CBD sources. One of the main benefits of CBD is that it can reverse brain damage that has been induced by alcohol. Aside from this, CBD can be an effective treatment method for people who are having problems such as social anxiety.?Apart from this, people who are suffering from conditions such as social anxiety can find CBD to be an effective treatment for them. As well as being a strong medicine as an anti-psychotic, it can be used as an anti-cancer and anti-timor supplement. In addition, people who have mild seizures or the shaking limb syndrome can also get help from CBD.
The Essential Laws of Oils Explained
There are online pharmacies that can be some of the best online CBD sources. These understand the importance of CBD and ensure that they make it available to people who need it. Although CBD is a legal product, it is normally available online in most cases This comes in different kinds of forms, and you can choose depending on the one that you feel will work best for you. Normally, this is available in electronic cigarettes, capsules, chewing gums, and smoking as well as other forms. Those who do not know much about this oil, or lack knowledge of its use and its benefits might think of it as dangerous. However, this is not the case. Ensure that you visit reliable online pharmacies or dispensaries from which you can be able to buy CBD and ensure that you place your order. After purchase, only use CBD as required.6 Facts About Oils Everyone Thinks Are True

Injection Molding Education Assists In Maintaining the Planet’s Status Quo

Carseats. Ink pens. Atomizer bottles. Scissors. Foodstuff canisters. Tire stems. Jar covers. Baby gates. Toothbrushes. Tape dispensers. Computer keyboards. Air hose nozzles. Coat hangers. House tools. Electronic devices. Kitchen appliances. This list of stuff produced fully or perhaps in part of plastic polymers which now inundate each of our day to day lives is virtually countless. In addition, it is actually extremely difficult to suppose exactly what virtually all of our day to day lifestyles today would certainly become like without the aid of plastic-type material merchandise. These are simply too many. It would certainly demand returning to the earth as it was initially over a century prior, exactly where things were produced by natural resources, such as glass, metal, wood, rubber and also grasses. The merest thought is actually difficult to entertain.

Still, if perhaps it wasn’t for organizations that offer classes for injection molding, we would be nearly dealing with that problem. Since of course, just what good is some sort of raw resource devoid of various technique of making it something somewhat beneficial? The world’s polymer community, which actually stands out as the fourth greatest on the globe, necessitates highly trained labour to generate the actual huge selection of needed day-to-day items and components manufactured from plastic material. One of the greatest methods for using plastic polymers is by using injection molds. Pelleted, thermoplastic polymers are put to a warmed up barrel with a hopper where by they are blended before getting forced inside the cavity of the mold. Molds could have single or perhaps multiple cavities, and so are typically created from materials including aluminum or even steel. (Steel is likely to hold up significantly better to high-volume utilization.)

Typically the perspective for injection molding jobs is excellent, but does have an on-going need for injection molding training. Paulson Instruction Programs is definitely the world’s principal firm offering job coaching inside of this polymer field. Their own system is actually a unique one – it usually presumes that point of working perspective regarding the actual raw material. When making use of plastic-type, you can find mostly simply four variables to take into account. They are melting temperatures, melting demand, rate regarding flow as well as rate associated with temperature dropping. All conceivable changes will probably have an effect on these types of specifics and thus change the method. Plastic materials professionals understand both why/how processing performs they way it will, plus thus are typically in a scenario to not just analyze, but also problem solve within a multitude of diverse situations.

paul and shark outlet stands for “paul shark italy” and is an off shoot in the paul shark style label

paul shark outlet stands for “paul shark italy” and is an off shoot from the paul shark style label.

Donna Karen was born in New York, U.S.A. in 1948. Her father was a haberdasher and her mother was a model so it may very well be said that Donna’s destiny was at all times likely to become involved in style in some shape or form. Not surprisingly, she had an inherent interest in clothes and fashion and when she was old enough went to study at Parsons School of Style in New York exactly where Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford had been also trained. Donna left the college to take up a position at the style label Anne Klein who at the time were 1 in the most significant design and style companies within the nation. Even so, When Anne Klein died in 1974, Donna Karan and Louis Dell’Olio became joint designers for the Anne Klein label.

Nine years later, in 1983, Donna Karan launched a new label called Anne Klein II. It was the first of it’s sort on the American fashion scene because it was the very first bridge-line, connecting top quality, style led garments towards the mass customer market by lowering the price point to an affordable level. Two years later, Karan felt the time was proper to launch her personal label and referred to as it “Donna Karan New York”.

The Donna Karan New York label won plaudits from fashion critics and customers alike. Karan’s garments had been never flashy but rather extra modest and much more importantly tremendously, wearable. Karan wanted to make a wardrobe staple collection with clothes clothing that have been largely interchangeable with each other.

In 1988, Donna Karan launched the “Paul Shark” label. Donna’s vision was to create a a great deal more budget friendly diffusion line that reflected the New York street fashion style. The label was urban and hip and also became spectacularly prosperous.

A range of accessories followed from sunglasses to handbags. Paul Shark handbags and Men Paul Shark Vneck Tee Shirt are 1 from the significantly more popular ranges from her accessories line combining practicality with style and cutting edge design.

Paul Shark handbags are hip, cool and funky and perfectly reflect the New York city chic that has made the Large Apple renowned around the globe.

In 1988, Donna Karan launched the “Paul Shark” label. Donna’s vision was to make a additional reasonable diffusion line that reflected the New York street style style. The label was urban and hip and also became spectacularly prosperous.

A variety of accessories followed from sunglasses to handbags. Paul Shark handbags are one particular on the much more widely used ranges from her accessories line combining practicality with style and cutting edge style.

Paul Shark handbags are hip, cool and funky and completely reflect the New York city chic which has produced the Significant Apple renowned around the globe.

hello kitty case iphone is really a monkey teasing

iPhone 6 Case Hello Kitty with battery Yangling see their orderly retreat, not panic disorder, although he do not understand formation, but could see that the Tartars who were mixed together without chaos, still showing a
handful of faint attack formation, can not help blurting cried: “Tartar son doing? as long as they storm a while and then it is probable to board the city wall, why suddenly back? “

iPhone 6 Case hello kitty Golden Pinger shocked, but she is not, after all,perfect ipad 2 cases ordinary many people, not panic, the foot of micro-rotation force, the body abruptly to the side to open a little, to that strange
things towards the past.

hello kitty case for iphone Between heaven and earth, a chill was intended. But not other man-made marvel, the hands of GU Jian Zhu Xian Road Xuanzhen Yimang is skyrocketing, simultaneously, for instance
bore burst, the great tide, Zhu Xian Jian Zhen sword among the hundreds of sticks of colour into a wide, and standing gas Qi Zhang Jian Yu, the great great, crashing Puxia.

iPhone 6 Case hello kitty Wang classes first aloud and said: “Young adviser, you said the Tartars not afraid of death Why? These dog days by our Routong the killing.”

hello kitty case for iphone you feel that some wrong, but can not say it herself, as opposed to a number of jubilant civilian, his thoughts still more clearly, thought for a moment he suddenly exclaimed: “Oh,
they are not trying to attack two things door? We just come out from the two and some in the persons, where the strength of a single book ah. “

iphone hello kitty case Just listen to pop the low sound is heard, the thing fell to the ground, there’s no bounce, but directly fly to the ground. Golden Pinger looked back, but it’s a wild fruit stone, I do not know
when a small gray one left inside the mouth, tongue taste the taste, but at the moment brought tease her.

spec iPhone 6 cases The sky is full of piercing Ruixiao sound, “wind,” the sound resounded by means of the world. God looked overwhelming beast sword rain comes, a loud shout, in the foot of a huge monster of
evil spirits simultaneous sky and Zhang Hao, mournful sound to the extreme. See his hands and large-scale cooperation, swing posture, action, unadorned, even if separated by the way, I do not know how,
all ears around the sky inside the peak actually sounded weird at the similar time are extremely bleak songs.

iphone hello kitty case Ben then Jiangbin also hurried back, large cold days of children, he has stripped shirt, red with double shoulder, the hands of the pole has been rolled edge, top bloody. After listening to
Yangling, he interfaces, said: “No, the two sides from the city roads are narrow, usually not open the gates, we were little, they sent a team of consumers can not fight, but I must also see the Tartars trick.”

spec iPhone 6 cases Han Young Mother Ben back, the more floor inside a pile of classic big folks, she did not come uncomplicated, standing near the door looking at Yangling, crimson cheeks, hair has been stick inside the
forehead was wet, Yangling smiled to her, to before taking two steps forward, hand on the cold bottle next towards the city looked.

hello kitty case iphone is usually a monkey teasing, heart micro anger, Qiao Lian and white a little, seeing towards the cross, but saw that Huimao monkeys do not know when a ghost has been turned as well as the
anti-Li’s shoulder sitting, facing the gold bottle children, hold hands within the chest cross, swing to swing to two feet, three days, appear up, his face full of an arrogance of color, great legendary rogue spirit, even
the long tail is also behind the shake to and fro, an ‘I was bullied you, I am afraid I am a rogue “looks like.

hello kitty iPhone 6 Case That song is pretty completely different with Turkey, desolate crisp, taut, which include wilderness monster stormy night sky and shouts, more rustling not the meaning.

Gear: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Accessories For Guys Are Very Popular Items Right Now The history of men’s accessories dates back to the beginning of fashion, with various changes and adaptations over time. With hunting and fighting essential for survival in early days, the clothing reflected this through offering much freedom of motion by being entirely free flowing. Robes were draped over the left shoulder because most people are not left handed which left the right arm free to move about without any restriction. Jewelry was worn primarily by wealthier individuals throughout the social classes, however everyone has some sort of accessory. As time went on, clothing and men’s accessories began to adapt into more complex items such as caps, satchels, purses, etc. Throughout the renaissance era things became a little more elaborate with garments advancing to include boots, stockings, fancy belts and plumes, coats, laces, hats and much other decor. As the decades passed, clothing began to turn into trends and fashion dependent on different aspects such as political, social class, occupation, etc. Different clothing could categorize individuals into a subgroup based on what they were wearing. When it comes to today, fashion and men’s accessories has come a long way from what it used to be. Personality can be shown through expression of your accessories that fits certain subgroups. Gloves, ties, watches, wallets, hats, sunglasses and more all make up men’s accessories of today. Let’s examine each category in depth and the see the many choices within and also the current trends in what is the most popular now. Wallets are very versatile and diverse, thought they all are made to fit into pockets and have many compartments for credit cards and cash, etc. There are wallets made from all kinds of materials, leather, rubber, fabric, plastics, depending on personal tastes. You have so many types of wallets to choose from that include: Trifold, bifold, strap, etc.
Smart Tips For Finding Accessories
Activities and preference always determine which gifts and accessories to purchase for your special man. You can generally get a sporty watch with many features or a nice dress watch for special occasions. When it comes to sporty watches, these features include chronographs, timers, waterproof capabilities and more. Classy dress watches usually are metal with crystal lenses and are more for appearance than usage.
Finding Similarities Between Accessories and Life
The most popular men’s accessories tend to be watches, wallets, then ties, and jewelry, etc. The main factors are based on lifestyle differences, what the man is into will determine what accessories are best. A man in white collar jobs may need expensive refined accessories while blue collar may prefer more active wear.

That 70′s Revival

The comforting thing about fashion is that it often repeats itself. As much as we enjoy the innovation of forward thinking designers, it is always a pleasure to see the return of certain beloved fashion trends. (However, some should be left in the past. Stay away 1980s shoulder pads.) For 2015, fashion lovers can expect to see a revival of the 70’s within women’s fashion.

Prints and more prints

With a 1970s inspired look, colorful and fun prints are one of the most important elements. For those of you normally hiding behind a monochromatic palette, this is your opportunity to branch out. Pair a daring print with an Earth tone. Still nervous about wearing a bold design? Wear a fun scarf or accessory to add a little pop.

Own your flare

When people think back to this decade, there is one memorable trend that stands out – the flare. Now, don’t worry. Many of today’s flares are not equivocal to the ones found in humiliating, vintage pictures or your old Halloween hippy costume. The subdued flare or boot cut pant can be worn at home or to the office. They are quite flattering and work well with a feminine, fitted blouse. A high-tapered waist creates a pretty silhouette, which can be more forgiving than the ever popular ‘skinny’.

Pump it up!

Platforms are back. To be honest, they never truly left. With each season, there typically seems to be some version of this elevated shoe. In the 1970s, these heels were ideal for the popular floor-length maxi and peasant dresses. During the winter months, you may have opted for an updated, platform boot. Welcome the warmer weather with stylish platform sandals. For many, the chunky heel is a much-welcomed relief from the stiletto!

All that fringe

Of course, suede has been making its way down the runway. What makes it so fun? The fringe. It’s a wonderful finishing touch to any jacket or handbag. Designer dresses and skirts used fringe for its peek-a-boo effect. It’s daring without being too revealing. When purchasing a suede or leather item, it is important to take the cleaning costs into consideration. Regular, quality maintenance is the answer in protecting your investment.

Keep it Short… Or long, long LONG

Welcome back micro minis. When it comes to this skirt length (or rather lack of length), it is important to keep a few things in mind. Is this workplace acceptable? Can you move about without revealing too much? When in doubt, you can opt for the mini’s cousin, the skort. These fun, little shorts resemble micro mini skirts but allow for a bit more modesty. If you are looking for a more professional look, you may wish to stay with last year’s maxi dresses. They are still very ‘in’ so feel free to pick up a few more. Maxi dresses that reach the ground are perfect – just don’t forget your favorite pair of heels.

It’s OK to indulge

What many loved…and still love about the 1970s is the silhouettes. They are generally less defined and more forgiving than the form fitting garments of decades past. Peasant dresses and blouses allow for greater comfort especially in the warmer months. While they are elegant enough for a night out, these light and breezy pieces are also ideal for a walk in the park or a summer day picnic.

As with any decade’s fashion, the trends are not meant for everyone. Designers do their best to create stylish garments that should work with most body shapes and lifestyles. However, fashion is simply not just about what is available. You have to feel comfortable and confident. To avoid wearing a ‘costume’, pair one or two trendy pieces with a more classic look. Keep in touch with the 70s minimalist approach. Pack away your Spanx, tone down your makeup routine and think looser silhouettes. Sunnier days are ahead.

Express your self with fashion

The word “fashion” comes from the Latin “modus” which means “way measure” and, apart from the sense that refers to the way of dressing, one of the definitions given by the dictionary Le Petit Robert “collective tastes, ways of living, feeling that appear fashionable at a given time in a given society”

France is the place where high fashion was born; as in Paris, one of the largest cities in the world, it has acquired, rightly, the title of fashion capital and is perhaps the most important.

Although people have been interested in clothing and fashion for thousands of years, the industry has begun to take shape to années1850. Before 1850, about 70% of the clothes were sewn by hand, even those wearing them.

Since their inception until now, the clothes have gradually changed their goals arriving today to exclusive concept of being fashionable.

Most often, the fashion is directed to people who need a strong personality to highlight the elegance. In a world where appearance is very important, you have to adapt and keep his personality, without departing from what we really are. This is the biggest fashion influence that someone would be proud to own.

Later, at the end of the twentieth century, clothing and purchase become collective passion even children learn the name of Gautier, Dior and Chanel. They also know the most important fashion houses like Lanvin, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton Malletier, etc.

Fashion, style of dress, in all its aspects, is a non-verbal mode of expressing our feelings, our world view, as to make known indirectly our social position, our financial strength and our preferences. The mode means beauty, good taste, and means of communication, integration and group membership. Be fashionable suppose the help of several elements and factors that have the role to identify both advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages, we would rather stress a consequence someone who is fashion shows that he has enough money to be interested in the latest trends and to buy clothes that allow him to leave the ranks, to win in front of others. Indeed, there is a strong link between financial power, the opportunity to purchase the desired clothing and personal happiness, comfort and opportunities of a person who is much attached to fashion. These are the French ones that give attention to accessories signed by famous fashion designers, and of course, they happen in this stage when they have a good financial level, but also when they have more time to worry about that kind of things.

On the other hand, a person who is fashionable is an active person, attractive, informed, who knows the various circles and makes contact with many people. It must always keep pace with the latest trends. In this context, we understand fashion as a contributing factor and that helps a person to fit into a group or a team and identify with, without making a rule.

However, we consider that the arguments against fashion are more numerous. First, in order to be fashionable we must have money to buy clothes and anything derived from it. Not all of the necessary financial resources to afford such an investment that prove sometimes a luxury. From this point of view, purchase products that are fashionable, do not automatically mean that they are the most appropriate for each type of physique, personality, occasion.

If we talk about style, we think it is important to see how women differentiate between the different ways of dressing, depending on the situation. A plus for them is that they make a clear difference between the office clothes, street and used. At the office, they are quite discreet, they prefer luxury suits, sophisticated accessories, but without exaggeration. Regarding the outfits evening or those used, they prefer instead to invest in brands.

Therefore, avoid buying an item just because it is fashionable, without considering other aspects: we are okay.

On the other hand, there are people who want to keep pace with fashion to make up a few and obvious defects in respect of studies, the chosen career, social involvement. In this context, fashion plays a negative role, it deceives us, and it’s almost a vice, the same disease for people who see it as a way to escape the vicissitudes of life. Sometimes we feel inferior to others and this because of the stars that appear to be perfect and also because the models promoted by television and magazines are false.

We would like to emphasize that the expression be fashionable has several meanings: it’s not just clothing and ready to wear, shoes and accessories of all kinds that beautify our appearance, but also trends, manners, existing currents at some point in the context of a society, which are adopted by a lot of people just to be modern and attractive.

Redefine Elegance with Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

It is very important to find chic ball gown wedding dresses after you have acceded to your man’s proposal. All women deserve to look glam on their wedding day. The memories that are left on this day are treasured throughout life. A party wedding gown can be the best thing around to mark the beginning of an auspicious life with your loved one. So, have you planned as to what kind of wedding dress that you are going to get? Various stylish wedding gowns are available, but then you are only required to choose one which suits your style. The dresses align your shape and accentuate your femininity.

Choose Your Favorite Wedding Gown

When you wear the dress, you will find that it has made a stunning transformation to your look. Every breath you take makes you feel like a princess. You’re on top of the world. It is very important to be open-minded about the latest designs that are trending in the fashion industry. While purchasing your bridal dress, it is something that makes sense. Actually, you should not omit the ball gown wedding dresses. Compared to the sexy and delicate halter wedding gowns, the ball gown wedding dress seems a tad conservative. However, it will be tough for you to find another collection from the present day bridal wear which is more gorgeous.

The attraction and appeal of the ball gown wedding dresses had started when Queen Victoria mesmerized her people with an elegant ball gown dress. The appeal of the ball gown dress has not diminished since. Now if you are wondering whether such a dress is suited to your body type, let us tell you that the bride is the star throughout her nuptial. No matter what she wears, people are going to look at her. But then, no bride will be keen to wear something that is plain and outdated.

Ball gown bridal dresses are definitely styles which top the shopping list of modern girls. A bodice containing lavish ruffle, ribbon, beading, embroidery or floral embellishments can be suitably paired with a fluffy dress that swerves out at the waistline. Various styles of ball gown wedding dresses are available, in simple design, but looking absolutely ravishing and ornate. Fashion freaks make use of understated themes for appreciation of beauty. This is something that a lot of designer labels recognize and provide to their select audiences.

Even if the looks, trends and patterns in the ball gown wedding dresses change, some elements such as the elegance of this style will never decline. With the emerging trends of low pitched motifs, designers seem to abandon the extravagant accessories to replace them with something exquisite, chic and strikingly attractive. The modern bridal gowns are characterized with sexy, yet graceful necklines without overdoing the sensual part. The bodices and fluffed dresses present fluent lines that greatly enhance the female body shape and glam up her looks. For all those who have not yet put on one of these ball wedding gowns, it is high time to don the diva look for your special occasion to sweep your guests off their feet.

Controversial Hair Fashion – The Bob

In American culture, the most controversial hair fashion began in the the 1920s. At the center of this historical great debate in hair fashion is the hairstyle famously known as “the bob”. This haircut was first introduced during the Great War and would go on to define and revolutionise women’s haircut forever.

The Beginnings

In 1915, there was a castle named “Castle Bob”. It was named after a celebrated famous ballroom dancer called Irene Bob. At the time, she styled her hair with a blunt cut that was level with the bottom of her ears around her head for convenience. Little did she expect that she would forever be associated with a revolution in 20th-century hair fashion with the rise of the famous hairstyle “the bob”. This was the first trigger that eventually led to the short hair trend.

The Change

“The bob” was worn either with bangs or with the hair brushed off the forehead. It was a very simple look but a very different one from the traditional long feminine looks created by Gibson and Marcel. It was commonly known that when a woman had her hair cut short, she grew bolder and began to become more rebellious in what she wear and do. The free-spirited youth at that time readily accept the new look as something fresh and bold which coincides with the major change in societal norms and values during the 1920s. On May 1, 1920, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” was published in the Saturday Evening Post. It was about the heroics of a young woman who submit to the barber’s shears and transform into a smooth-talking vamp. Many young women at that time regarded her as a role model and wanted to be like her.

Fashion & media

By 1921, the fashion and media industry began to take notice of this new hairstyle. They began to embrace “the bob” with fashion designer “Coco” Chanel and actresses Clara Bow and Louise Brooks leading the way as example. Soon, young women everywhere took the plunge and began bobbing their hair.

Trends and fears

Women of all ages began to soon find themselves having to face the decision on whether to follow the trend and bob their hair or remain with long hair. Many women were afraid that the long hair would quickly become popular again after they bobbed their hair. Many professional hair publications also predicted an immediate return to long hair.

Women takeover

It is hard to imagine but at that time, cutting-of-hair was still a male-dominated occupation. Long-lines of women were standing patiently outside barbershops waiting for their turn to be bobbed. At first, professional hairdressers refused to accept “the bob”. However, after losing many clients and profits to barbers, many hairdressers were slowly being forced into accepting “the bob”. With the participation of the hairdressers, more sophisticated versions of “the bob” were introduced with waved or shingled styles.


There are many controversies surrounding “the bob”. In New Jersey, a teacher was ordered by her Board of Education to let her hair grow. Preachers warned that “a bobbed woman is a disgraced woman.” There are even men who divorced their wives over bobbed hair. One large department store also fired all employees wearing bobbed hair.

Rise of Beauty Industry

As difficult as it is to imagine, the bobbed hair fashion started or at least boosted the start of the beauty industry. From 5,000 to 21,000 hairdressing shops in 5 years, the beauty industry boomed. Bobbing also has led to the adoption of other aids to personal adornment, resulting in flourishing beauty shops everywhere.